SnapApp | Facebook Masterpiece: Your Paint By Numbers Kit

Step 1: Engage Your Fans Right On Your Page

Step 2: Excite Your Fans With Great Looking Content

Step 3: Prepare for Mobile Visitors

Step 4: Grow Fans with Social Promotions

Facebook tabs are a great way for followers to engage with your content, all while staying on your page! SnapApp allows you to easily publish your piece of interactive content on a Facebook tab- which you can then customize. 

Keep users engaged and interested in your offering, all while anchored on your Facebook page! Read more here >>

Creating interactive content is a great way to keep your Facebook fans engaged and interested in what you are posting. If you are constantly posting a bunch of static assets and boring content-- you will see a dip in likes! But if your content looks awesome and is fun to engage with, your likes and clicks will go up!

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The marketing world is becoming mobile friendly! Make sure your content can be accessed on a mobile device.

Did you know that all of the content you create on the SnapApp platform can be mobile optimized? Check out more here >>

Contests bring out the natural desire in people to compete and win, while sweepstakes are chance-based promotions where the winner is selected at random. Both of these content types are highly shared and drive ~34% growth in referral traffic, more than original blog content or videos! 

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