THE DEMAND GEN MARKETERS GUIDE to Interactive Content INTRO Interactive content is a powerful tool for demand generation marketers Modern marketers are using interactive content to improve conversion rates collect better prospect data and increase lead velocity The key to success with interactive content for demand generation is integrating interactive experiences across ALL your programs and channels Interactive content isnt a new program or a new channel rather it works anywhere to boost results across the board When you think about interactive content think about it as a way to engage with your audience and have a conversation when a facetoface dialogue isnt possible Inside youll find 1 2 3 Our definition of interactive content with examples from the best B2B marketers using interactivity to engage their audiences Use cases from events and paid media to blogs and email campaigns to illustrate how you could fold interactive content into any of your existing marketing programs A walkthrough of a sample crosschannel campaign incorporating both static and interactive content Lets Go This ebook is designed to offer a highlevel intro to interactive content then dive into how interactive content works across all your marketing channels to boost results 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Intro1 What is Interactive Content3 Types of Interactive Content5 Two Quick Examples6 When and Where to Use Interactive Content7 Email8 Paid Media11 Social14 Blog17 Events20 Pulling It Together For An Interactive Campaign23 Conclusion30 2 WHAT IS INTERACTIVE CONTENT Interactive content is a way for marketers to build dialogues with their audience gathering and sharing information in a twoway exchange Think assessments surveys calculators interactive white papers interactive video and more Any time a marketer is posing questions and a prospect is responding interactive content is at work Interactive content is anything that requires the participants active engagement more than simply reading or watching the content In return for that engagement participants receive realtime hyperrelevant results they care about In a recent study by DemandGen of B2B buyers reported Report preferring visual and interactive content formats during their buying process So buyers are asking for these engaging formats but interactive content also offers greater value for marketers 91 11 That same study found that only of buyers will provide detailed contact information in exchange for a white paper What other options do marketers have to collect that valuable data 3 Heres where interactive content shines With interactive content the whole experience yields detailed information which the prospect willingly shares in exchange for the personalized unique result on the other side of a simplified lead form Whether its benchmarking them against industry best practices or telling them which product line best fits their needs those personalized results are compelling conversion triggers Q 90 of the buying Now that up to process occurs before a prospect ever contacts sales marketers need a way to have twoway conversations with prospects before they enter the sales funnel Your content can now ask and answer questions for your audience without an intermediary How do you plan your marketing campaigns QUARTERLY PLANNING I WING IT 4 Types of Interactive Content Interactive content can take many forms The key is the prospects engagement whether by answering questions or gaining additional information interactive videos personality tests interactive white papers quizzes surveys configurators assessments calculators ROI savings expenditure planning troubleshooting guides worksheets interactive infographics interactive landing pages wizards product pickers 5 Two Quick Examples GOAL Increase audience engagement and drive lead conversion WHAT THEY BUILT A personality assessment with a superhero theme based on different product lines 5100 QUALIFIED LEADS 13M NEW PIPELINE 300K CLOSEDWON GOAL Showcase customer success and let prospects imagine their own achievements WHAT THEY BUILT Interactive calculators hosted on a microsite and used during the sales process to demonstrate value 500 QUALIFIED LEADS 133 Q1 QUOTA ATTAINMENT 600K ADDL Q1 SALES 6 I WHEN WHERE TO USE INTERACTIVE CONTENT The beauty of interactive content is that it can be folded into existing programs to improve the ROI of what you are already doing Whether youre looking to generate more top of the funnel leads move leads more rapidly from prospect to purchase collect additional data to score and qualify or provide sales with additional insights interactive content can work for you When it comes to creating interactive content you have two options 1 2 Take content you already have and layer in interactivity think interactive white papers infographics and videos Create a netnew piece of derivative content building on the themes of your existing asset Pretty much anywhere you currently use traditional content you can consider going interactive 7 Email Email is a critical channel for B2B marketers In the Salesforce 2015 State of of respondents Marketing survey agreed email marketing is core to their business 73 At the same time open rates hover around 20 and click rates at just 3 That means a good chunk of the emails marketers are sending arent being engaged with theyre falling on deaf eyeballs to mix metaphors There are B2B marketers out there that are beating the odds however Theyre doing this by optimizing their subject lines offering killer content in their emails and segmenting their audience to offer personalized compelling CTAs This last piece is absolutely critical when it comes to success in email marketing personalization and segmentation are the building blocks on which everything else rests Prospects that engage with interactive content offer up contextual profile data that can be used to segment them more accurately and in many cases they offer the precise language marketers can use in emails to be more persuasive 8 With more persuasive personalized content marketers can make more enticing subject lines that challenge the reader to participate test vote assess compete thereby making them active rather than passive recipients When it comes to click rates interactive content simply offers a more compelling value exchange Humans are hardwired for visual interactive experiences and the opportunity to learn more about a solution in an interactive way is compelling The Aberdeen Group found that personalized emails improve clickthrough rates by 14 and conversion rates by 10 What you should make Test interactive subject lines in your emails Embed a poll or quiz in the email itself to improve clickthrough rates Entice users to click with an engaging piece of interactive content hosted on a landing page 9 Case Study Increase Email Engagement An Example From DDI B2B marketers have found that adding an inemail rich media poll for a B2B customer can increase email engagement by over 30 as more prospects click from the email to the landing page Thats exactly what happened to Development Dimensions International DDI found interactive content to be tremendously valuable in their email marketing efforts The demand gen team was looking for a way to engage their prospects at the top of the sales funnel with an emphasis on building engagement with DDI resources and trust in the brand DDI decided to create a series of interactive quizzes complete with a score and targeted followon content Prospects who interacted with the interactive quizzes were 6x more likely to open followon email campaigns and 17x more likely to clickthrough to DDI long form content 6x OPEN RATE INCREASE 17x CTR INCREASE 10 Paid Media Paid media whether digital or print is almost always a component of a modern content marketing program In fact CMI of content research found that marketers are using at least one paid promotion channel in 2015 80 Where does interactive content come in The first step to success in paid media is crafting the right calltoaction and interactive CTAs are powerful motivators Conversion optimization experts Unbounce argue its the copy that makes the biggest difference and inviting your audience to test their knowledge or share their opinion is often more enticing than reading a white paper or Downloading Now Once your prospect has clicked through theyll also want something valuable on the landing page and what they find should be perfectly aligned with the CTA they clicked on Visitors who reach a landing page and find their expectation hasnt been met will bounce away never to return Every successful media company pays for attention to attract and build its own audience and so should the brands that are interested in doing the same Robert Rose CMI 11 So instead of pairing Test Your Knowledge with a static research report you can match it up with a knowledge test trivia quiz or benchmarking assessment The content that your prospect finds on your landing page must be compelling to that specific person at that exact moment How do you know what will work for that person at that moment Test With interactive content testing the optimal content for paid media landing page conversions is faster and easier than testing static content You can rapidly create multiple versions of a similar content asset to find out whats resonating and arrive at a highROI ad content matchup more quickly What you should make Create a short quiz based on your most recent white paper and AB test your ads Offer different interactive experiences on each ad channel landing page and AB test whats working Test an interactive call to action in your ad copy 12 Improve Ad ClickThrough Rates An Example From CEB Interactive CTAs like Find Out Your Result Take the Quiz or Assess Your Program play to natural human desires to assess compete compare and share and promise an individualized relevant result And it worked for CEB CEB markets primarily to executives so LinkedIn advertising has bee
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